Presenters Wanted

Marvelous Makers wanted! 

Do you have an idea for a presentation, panel, or workshop you want to do? Let’s MAKE it happen!

Clockwork Alchemy is always looking for presentations on many different topics.  Some of our favorite panel and workshop tracks include but are not limited to: Steampunk technology, art, and fashion, the DIY aesthetic, music, films, and dance.  If you have a passion for all things Steampunk, why not share it with others?

We would like to propose a kid and family friendly series of workshops for this year to stimulate our young makers. If you have skills and talents that can be shared with the next generation of Steampunks, we want to hear from you. Parents, if you know of projects your little makers are interested in, we want to know that, too.

Put on your creative hats and let’s raise the bar even higher! Please read the following carefully!

Submissions can be made here.

The deadline to submit a presentation request for Clockwork Alchemy 2020 is 11:59 pm PST on February 29, 2020.

The information on this page may be updated periodically. Stay tuned for updates!

Submission guidelines for Clockwork Alchemy 2020 Panels and Workshops are below. These guidelines do not apply to Authors, War Room, Artists’ Gallery, or Special Events. Please apply directly to those departments for additional information on submitting content within those tracks. Presentations and Content refers to panels, presentations, and workshops.


For Clockwork Alchemy 2020, there are two categories of Content Presenters for Programming: Featured Presenters and Regular Presenters.

Regular Presenters

Most content presenters will be considered Regular Presenters. Applications to present programming by Regular Presenters will be reviewed by Programming and accepted as space allows. Regular Presenters must purchase a badge for admittance to Clockwork Alchemy since they will not be eligible for badge compensation. A short biography of the presenter and a brief panel description will be placed on the Clockwork Alchemy 2020 website.

Featured Presenters

A new type of presenter this year is the Featured Presenter. This category of presenter will be limited in number. Applications for panels by Featured Presenters will be reviewed and panels selected in a blind juried process based on the uniqueness and/or interest in the subject matter. A clear description of the presentation is essential in the application.  Featured Presenters who have a minimum of one presentation selected will be eligible for badge compensation with an option for one additional day badge for an assistant. Featured Presenters will also have their picture, short biography, and brief presentation description placed on the Clockwork Alchemy 2020 website and a brief presentation description included in the printed program.

If you wish to be considered as a Featured Presenter, please select “Yes” on the application. Featured Presenter applications must be submitted by December 31, 2019 and will be notified of their selection no later than January 31, 2020. If an application is not selected, it will then be reviewed by Programming for acceptance as regular content. For additional questions, please see the FAQ first, then contact

The Presenter Request Form for Clockwork Alchemy 2020 will be coming soon!

FAQ questions

Q: I don’t want to be considered as a Featured Presenter. Can I still submit Content?

A: Yes and please do! Unjuried applications will be considered for acceptance by the Programming Department as Regular Presenter.

Q: What are you looking for in a Featured Presenter?

A: A Panel, presentation, or workshop eligible for Featured status must be new to Clockwork Alchemy.  The description of the presentation must be precise and generate interest and enthusiasm in the jury.  The jury will consist of Clockwork Alchemy general staff with a wide range of interests to insure adequate representation of the fans.  The topics can reflect any aspect of Steampunk you wish.

Q: If I am not selected as a Featured Presenter, will my Content still be accepted? 

A: Applications that are not selected for Featured Presenter will be considered for inclusion as a Regular Presenter by the Programming Department.

Q: I was not selected as a Featured Presenter. Can I appeal the decision?

A: No. But, please do not be discouraged. There are a limited number of Featured Presenter badges. We are striving to set a high bar for awarding Featured Presenter status. Please apply again next year!

Q: Our Content is presented equally by more than one person. Can we both be considered as Featured Presenters? 

A: Yes! Content that requires more than one presenter will be considered. If selected, each presenter will receive a full badge.

Program Guide Listing Character Limits:

  • Presentation titles must be 30 characters or less.
  • Presentation descriptions must be 300 characters or less.
  • Both of these limits include spaces and punctuation.
  • Submissions that do not adhere to these limits will be edited by Clockwork Alchemy staff.

Presentation Lengths:

When considering the length of your presentation, whether it’s a panel, a presentation, or a workshop, please consider the following:

  • Panels and Presentations can be scheduled for 1 or 2-hour blocks.
  • Workshops can be scheduled for 1, 2 or 3-hour blocks.
  • All presentations will start on the hour and end no later than 10 minutes before the hour. This allows for 10 minutes for set-up and breakdown between presentations.
  • Ideally, presentations should run 50, 110, or 170 minutes long. This allows 10 minutes for set-up and breakdown between presentations.
  • A presentation should be a minimum of 40 minutes long.
  • If you will not need a full 1 or 2-hour time block please notify us in your panel application, so we can schedule accordingly.
  • If you will require extra time for set-up and break-down of your presentation, please notify us in your presentation application form.
  • Allow for set-up and breakdown when making your time estimates. 

Presentation Content: 

  • Steampunk content is preferred.  Science, fantasy, art, fashion, etc.
  • All presentations are assumed to contain material that is suitable for all ages unless the panelist specifically states that the presentation will contain mature content.
  • If the presentation contains content that may be classified as “adult material,” panelists must inform the staff on the presentation application form, PRIOR to the convention.

Workshop Information:

  • Workshops are expected to be a hands-on experience where the attendees can make the showcased project.
  • Panelists are not allowed to charge an attendance fee for their workshops. Kits containing the materials needed to build the workshop project may be sold at cost through the Artist’s Bazaar. Details on how to do so will be made available to you once the workshop is approved.
  • All workshops will be open to all attendees of Clockwork Alchemy, whether or not they have purchased the workshop kit, though in the event of a capacity audience, preference will be given to those who have purchased a workshop kit.
  • Workshops may not use any prohibited items (see Prohibited Items section).
  • Workshop kits must be prepared in advance such that none of the prohibited items (such as flammable materials) will be used at Clockwork Alchemy.
  • Workshop presenters are encouraged to submit a materials list that will be published on the Clockwork Alchemy webpage, so attendees may bring their own materials if they wish.

Presentation Room and Schedule Assignment:

Presentation rooms and times are assigned based on several factors:

  • When the presentation was submitted (This is a big determining factor, so sign up early!)
  • Who is giving the presentation (Guest of Honor presenters are always given priority for prime room and time slots, for instance.)
  • Whether the presentation has been given before, and how much of an audience it has drawn
  • What presentation times the presenter specifically requested 

Panel Room Equipment:

  • A table and chairs are provided at the front of the room for the presenters.
  • Workshop rooms have large round tables and chairs for attendees.
  • Panel rooms have chairs for attendees.
  • Clockwork Alchemy will not provide internet access in the presentation rooms and workshop rooms. Presenters are advised to have prepared slideshow presentations and screenshots, rather than relying on internet access.
  • Presentation rooms will have projectors and screens and common connecting cables. The presenters must provide their own laptops or connectable computer devices (not just a flash drive).
  • Clockwork Alchemy does not provide presentations with prizes to distribute for panel games/participation. If presenters want to have prizes to give out for games/quizzes/participation/etc., the prizes must be provided by the presenters.
  • Anything not listed above is not standard equipment for a presentation room, and we may not be able to provide it. Please highlight special requests for equipment in the tech section of your presentation request form and be aware that your presentation will not be approved if we are not able to provide the equipment you request. While we are typically able to provide projectors with VGA input, we are NOT able to provide converters (dongles) to VGA from other formats. Presenters using laptops without VGA output (e.g., Mac users) must bring their own converters in order to use the projectors.

Prohibited Items:

Presentations may not include any form of:

  • Actual open flames
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Weapons prohibited by law or local ordinance
  • Hazardous substances
  • Threat of injury or harm to attendees
  • Unasked for touching or violation of our Code of Conduct
  • Threat to hotel property
  • Violation of hotel use policies
  • Consumable foods or drinks, or the ingestion by attendees of any substance

If you have a question or concerns regarding potential violation of these prohibitions during your planned presentation, please email

When will I get a response? What can I expect?

Due to the high volume of submissions that we receive, we cannot guarantee swift responses to requests.

  • If your presentation is approved, you will get an email that explicitly states that your presentation has been preliminarily approved for a time slot. If there is a problem with this time slot, notify as soon as possible. An alternate time slot may or may not be available. Preliminary assigned time slots are subject to change before the final schedule is published. Please check the final schedule and the schedule handed to you at Registration for your final times.
  • If your panel is not selected, you will receive an email with an explanation of why the panel was not selected as soon as the Presentations Team has made their determinations. In some cases the presenter will be given the opportunity to revise the original submission. Since our time as volunteers is limited, and we receive many submissions each year, we cannot guarantee this option.
  • Presentations which are not rejected but which we are unable to fit into the schedule will receive an invitation to the waiting list. Waiting list invitations will be sent out within two weeks after the schedule is finalized.

Once a presentation has been placed onto the schedule, and a time slot has been accepted, it is considered ‘confirmed’ and locked in. If a presenter makes a later request to change the time of the presentation, the ‘approved’ status will be revoked until an acceptable time slot can be found. If an acceptable time slot cannot be found, the panel will be considered to be canceled by the presenter.

At-Con Check-In:


Please check in with the presentation monitor/timekeeper at the designated room 20 minutes prior to your presentation. If you have not checked in, presentation staff will call or text you at your At-Con phone number approximately 15–20 minutes prior to your presentation. Please respond immediately, so we know that you’re coming or, better yet, are already at the room.

If, at 10 minutes prior to your presentation start time, we have been unable to contact you, and no one has checked-in, your presentation will be canceled. Once a presentation cancellation has been communicated to the rest of the convention via social media, Info Desk, etc., the presentation cannot be “un-cancelled.”

Please show up on time! We don’t like cancelling content! If you have presentations scheduled one after the other, you may check in for both of them when you check in for the first of them.

Remember that presentations end 10 minutes before the hour to give each presenter time to set up and be ready when their panel starts on the hour.

During Your Presentation:

If you have any issues during your presentation, please speak to one of the Presentation Staff located near the doors of each presentation room.

Have a question that was not addressed here? Please contact Panels at